Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Week of Miracles!

I don't even know WHERE to begin this week. It's been absolutely fantastic. But I guess we'll just start out with a little lesson that I learned that I am certain played a big role in the events that occured throughout the rest of the week.

Lately I've been really thinking about prayer. It's such an incredible blessing that we've been given to be able to communicate with our Father in Heaven. Lately I've just been feeling as if my prayers were falling into a really repetitive pattern. As a missionary you tend to pray for the same things every single day-- but I realized this week how to change the feel of my prayers. You have to pray in faith. Not that I wasn't praying in faith before... because I believe the very act of getting down on your knees to speak to a being that you can't see is an act of faith-- BUT, as we've been taught, "faith without works in dead." So, this week, with that thought in mind, as I've been praying I've been praying with an action in mind. I asked the Lord to help me find people to teach and as I asked for that I thought of specific things I could do that would help Him to help me find people to teach. (Okay, that sounded more confusing than it was supposed to.) In order to find people to teach, I have to open my mouth. So along with praying for help, I told Heavenly Father all the things I was going to do in order to recieve that help. 

Just by changing that alone-- we've seen so many miracles this week. 
1. At the beginning of the week, we had one investigator and two potential investigators. Now, we have ten potential investigators that we'll be meeting with this week (that have SO much potential). 
2. We've been trying to visit with one of the less-actives for so long now... and after visiting and getting turned down SO many times, this week she let us in. We were absolutely shocked. She said, "You can only stay for a little bit," but by the end of our visit she was feeding us oranges and sharing so many personal questions and feelings that she's been having and we were able to have a full-on discussion about Jesus Christ's atonement. We answered her questions directly out of the scriptures-- it was incredible! We ended up staying there for about an hour.
3. We had a conversation with a woman at a bus stop on "White day" (Koreans celebrate every 14th of the month in ways similar to valentines day... white day is a day where people just give each other candy) and we gave her our number and figured we'd probably never hear from her again. But she ended up calling us later that night to set up an appointment for this week. What?? So crazy!
3. At church we were sitting in Relief Society waiting for the meeting to start when we heard one of the members running up the stairs calling out our names. He ushered in a young girl who had literally come to church on her own because her dad said that he wanted her to come to our church. She came out of nowhere! She was a complete miracle. And we were all so blown away by the fact that we had an investigator with us at church.. it was insane!

Those are just a couple of the huge miracles we saw this week. Literally, every single day I was blown away by the incredible things that happened. God's hand is in this work! Our plans may never go as planned... but His plan always turns out to be much better than our plans. 

I don't have a whole bunch of time to write this week... there's so much to do! But I am grateful for the blessing of being able to see the miracles that can happen on a day-to-day basis. This is so cool. Being a missionary really is so cool. 

I love all of you so much and I hope that you're all doing well! I'll write more next week, I pinky promise. (I have so many cool experiences still that I'd like to share but I just don't have time!) 

Look for the miracles.
No, scratch that.
Pray for the ability to be a part of the miracles.

Have a good week!


Sister CaLea Bagley

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