Monday, October 20, 2014

Officially Resubmitted.

Well, kids, I have officially resubmitted to once-again be a missionary! As of right now, I don't have a whole bunch of answers (for example, how long it will take for me to find out what's going on, if I'll get to return to my mission, when I'll get to go back if I get to return, etc.) but I feel really good about conquering this first little challenge and I'm keeping my fingers crossed and prayers being sent up to heaven in hopes that I'll get to return to my beloved Korea Seoul South Mission.

I don't know why things had to happen the way that they have. But I do know that God has a grand plan in store for ME and that no matter what, the most important thing is just remembering that He's the one in charge. 

So, whatever happens, happens. I've done my part, and now all I can do is just wait and see what the Lord has in store in my next chapter of life. Wish me luck!


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