Sunday, January 18, 2015

What a Week!

I think one of the coolest parts about being a missionary is simply coming to terms with the fact that you really are in way over your head but that the Lord blesses you and helps you to be enough. 
There were a couple of different moments this week in which I was overcome with this feeling of... peace. I'm not really sure how to explain it, but these little moments would come and I'd be reminded all over again that the Lord is very aware of me and of my needs. We were sitting in a lesson and just before it was my turn to introduce a principle (I was actually really nervous), a new feeling came over me. I knew instantly that I was feeling the Holy Ghost-- I just wasn't sure at that exact moment what the feeling meant. It was just an overwhelming FEELING that came accompanied with the thought, "I am with thee." 

I was still scared, still nervous, still entirely unsure of myself, but I was sure of HIM. And so it didn't matter if I stumbled over my Korean. It didn't matter that the father of the family laughed when I bore my testimony about eternal families. It didn't matter; despite all the little things that were happening at that exact moment, I had an experience that strengthened me and testified unto me that Jesus Christ lives, that He loves me, that He loves the people we are teaching, and that the plan that has been prepared for us since the very beginning is perfect. 

The more I bear my testimony the more I realize why it's so important to do so: when we testify about the things that we know to be true, we invite the Holy Ghost to testify unto us and all those we share our testimonies with that the things we believe are true. When we bear testimony, it's just as much for us as it is for the people we are teaching. 

So, the ward I am serving in officially has three members from my MTC district in it! Elder Watts and Elder Grossegebauer (who were MTC companions) are now companions again and we're all serving in the beloved Boondong ward! So this transfer will be a really fun one-- we are only a week in and so much has already happened. The ward is on fire and it truly is such an honor to be serving here. Don't even get me started on how AMAZING the ward members are. (Like, I'm almost a hundred percent positive that they are better missionaries than the actual missionaries are!) It's so humbling to know that the Lord has given me this opportunity to meet and work with such wonderful people. I'm learning so much from everyone that is around me. 

In other news, I got bombarded on the street this week by three women who were trying to convince me that if I got on YouTube and watched this random video that it would save my soul. It was actually a really funny situation because I almost missed my bus--it was a close call. But as the bus started to pull away, one of the women shouted after me, "IT'S FOR YOUR SOUL!!!" Sometimes people from other religions approach us and try to convert us just because we're wearing our name tags. But such encounters always turn into a good story.

Next week one of our investigators will get baptized. She's been meeting with missionaries on and off since 2012 but she knew about the church long before that. I guess what's cool about this is merely the fact that a lot of the work we do as missionaries here in Korea is merely "seed planting." This woman has been meeting with missionaries for a couple years. She has been taught the lessons a few different times. But up until now, she wasn't ready to make the next step. So, long story short, we can't just give up on people. 

We had such a busy week. It feels so good to be so busy. It's the answer to all the prayers that were said when I felt hopeless back at home. I couldn't be more grateful for the fact that the Lord hears and answers my prayers. The only bad thing about being so busy is the fact that time seems to pass at least a thousand times faster. It's okay, I'll get over it someday.

I'm doing well and I'm loving the work that the Lord is trusting me to do. There is nothing like missionary work and there is nothing like testifying of the Savior every single day. I am so grateful to be where I am, doing what I am doing, at the time that I am doing it. If there's anything I've learned, it's that the Lord has a plan for us and if we merely submit our will to His, everything will be okay. Besides, I bet His plan is far better than anything I could have thought up.

I love you all and I pray for you all!
Sending lots of love from Asia, 

Your Happy Sister Missionary


Sister CaLea Bagley

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