Sunday, February 22, 2015

You Won't Believe it!

Hi people!

So, when I was sick, before the decision was made to send me home, I received a transfer call that told me I would be moving to an area called "Singal" (pronounced: Sheengar). However, because I ended up getting on a plane and going home, I never had the opportunity to serve in that area-- until now! This week we received transfer calls and I am now serving in Singal! It's just cool to see how everything has come full circle. I always wondered what it would be like to serve in this area but now I have the opportunity to actually serve here. And, as if that isn't exciting enough, guess who my new companion is...

I am serving with Sister Brocious! We're both from good ol' American Fork and we played high school soccer together for four years. I had to introduce myself in sacrament meeting this week and the whole ward was probably more excited about the fact that we knew each other before the mission than we were (which is hard to do because we were pretty excited). 

When all the men in the ward heard that we were both soccer players they practically had a heart attack. There's supposed to be a big soccer activity this upcoming weekend with all the young men and we got invited to it at least twelve different times. So, to say I am incredibly excited would be an understatement. 

This week a lot of the thoughts bouncing around my head were about the Holy Ghost and "timing." Sister Brocious and I were talking about the importance of the Holy Ghost and we decided that one of the most valuable gifts we can obtain is the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. When we get confirmed after we are baptized, we are promised to always have the spirit with us as long as we remain worthy of its company. So I made it a personal goal to really work on living in such a manner that I am worthy of that constant companionship. Everything we do will either welcome the spirit into our day-to-day lives or drive it away. When we are making a conscious effort to keep that spirit with us, I believe that we will be blessed beyond anything we can even imagine. As a missionary I feel an extra desire to have that spirit with me so that it can guide me and direct me in the work that I am doing. As long as you have the spirit with you, you can know that you are doing exactly what the Lord wants you to do exactly when He needs you to do it. (Now I just want everyone to take the time to go read 2 Nephi 32:5!) 

As for timing-- we had several different minor incidents this week where we were late for something or where we changed the game plan up a bit and because of the change in plans, we were able to meet people that we needed to meet. We were absolutely amazed by the little miracles we saw just because we were at the right place at the right time. I definitely have a testimony of trusting the Lord and trusting His timing. He's the one in charge, He's the one pulling all the strings--  it's our job to merely constantly confide in Him through prayer and to receive instruction from Him through diligently studying. He wants what is best for us and sometimes our idea of "what's best" is very different from His. But He is perfect and all-knowing, so it only makes sense that what He has in store for us is far greater than we could ever imagine. 

This is His work. I know it with all my heart. And I know that He loves each and everyone of us. He listens to our prayers, He knows our hearts, He's constantly giving us opportunities to learn and to grow, and He blesses us every single day. I'm seeing His blessings pouring down on my life right now and I really cannot even express how grateful to know that He lives and that He loves me! 

I hope everyone had a good week. Wish Sister Brocious and I luck as we work on our lacking soccer skills for the upcoming week. ;) 

Love you!


Sister CaLea Bagley

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