Sunday, April 13, 2014

It's Official: Six Investigators!

Okay, okay. First things first: last week sounded really ridiculous, and yes, we had a lot of really strange experiences... that being said, I promise we're not bad missionaries! At least... not intentionally! We're actually trying really hard every single week to be good missionaries and somehow really strange things tend to happen to us. On the bright side, our extreme amounts of laughter are keeping us from getting fat due to all the members who want to feed us. :)

So, yes. We've got six investigators that we are teaching now. We are officially teaching an entire family! Remember the miracle investigator who showed up to church one Sunday all by herself? Now we're meeting with her whole family! They're so prepared and so incredible and I feel so blessed to have been given this kind of an opportunity even though I'm not the best teacher when it comes to Korean. This is just an example of how important it is to always do your best even if you don't see the results of your efforts-- other missionaries planted seeds and now we are seeing the miracles that have come from that work. We extended two soft baptismal invitations on Saturday. Maybe that's the scariest thing in the whole world to do... but I always just have to remind myself that it's not my work and that my fear shouldn't be getting in the way of the Lord's work. 

Sister Sloan and I haven't worn coats for the past two days... that means the weather is finally warming up! It's so exciting. The cherry trees are all beginning to blossom and it's so beautiful. And this is just the beginning! I can't wait to see what it all turns out looking like when spring is finally officially here and all the trees are fully blossomed. So cool. In celebration of the changing weather Sister Sloan and I bought a baby cactus. I'm really really excited about it too. I know that may sound odd, but I've always wanted a baby cactus. For no real reason at all other than just because. So now I can cross that off my bucket list! 아싸!! 

Also, it's a sad thing when you realize you're suddenly really bad at English when English is the only thing you've ever been good at in your whole life. Last week I was reading over the email I sent home a little bit while I was waiting for Sister Sloan to finish emailing... and I realized my spelling is AWFUL! Which is extra pathetic because my Korean is also awful so I have no real excuse for suddenly being really bad at English. I live a sad life. But I'm happy so it ain't no thing. 

Anyways, I AM SO HAPPY! 
Life is good. 

Hope you're all doing well!

Sister Bagley

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