Sunday, May 25, 2014

May the Fourth Be With You.

I hope everyone enjoyed Star Wars day and said, "May the fourth be with you." Way more than necessary. And I just want to point out the fact that I celebrated by wearing my Star Wars sweatshirt and socks to the break-the-fast dinner with the Elders. Be proud. 

Speaking of fasting... this week was full of a lot of really cool experiences! Our mission is currently doing a "40 days of fasting" thing where on every single day of the 40 days someone in our mission will be fasting for the benefit of the entire mission. Cool, right? Anyways, we were assigned to fast on Saturday.... So from Friday night to Saturday night we fasted... then ate one meal... and then proceeded to fast until Sunday night as well. I've never done that before. It was such a cool experience! 

And honestly, we saw so many miracles this week. So I spent the first couple days of the week in Mansu saying goodbye to all the friends I made there over the past two transfers and that was really sad. But I was still so excited for new changes and adventures-- Wednesday came and I rode the bus out of Mansu with Sister Sloan for the final time. It all felt to surreal. We met up with all the other missionaries at a big subway station and then just like that, everything was different. 

The first night in Gangnam ended with a total of four new investigators... four! They practically fell out of the heavens and into our lives. I couldn't believe how that happened. Sister Giles, my new companion, was freaking out. And then as if things couldn't get any better-- later on in the week we found yet another new investigator. Five new investigators in a matter of three days. It's incredible to be able to witness how the Lord works in the lives of the people you teach. It's seriously so cool. One of the investigators we met with on Wednesday met with us again on Saturday and then came to all three hours of church with us on Sunday. She LOVED it. And the coolest part of her coming to church was the fact that not only did she come, but she fasted as well. This woman is seriously so amazing. She's been looking for the truth for so long. She loved the story of Joseph Smith and we gave her the Liahona magazine with all the conference talks in it and she's just soaking it all in. How awesome can she get??

This week I was told that I speak Korean like a North Korean. (Pardon me while I go and laugh about that-- I still think it's hysterical.) I wasn't sure how to respond to that comment so I just started giggling uncomfortably until the man said, "That's good! It sounds so.... pure." I don't even know. I can say probably four things in Korean... but I suppose what I CAN say, I say like a North Korean? So funny. 

I've gotten used to just giving Korean talks in church on the fly because it's been happening so often lately! Especially this past Sunday. I gave an introduction talk in both Relief Society and Sacrament meeting (even though it was fast Sunday...) Like, I don't even know. I just open my mouth and hope that Korean words come out. It's a real party. 

I've learned so much lately. But it's been really interesting to me because I think what I'm learning the most is just how to love-- truly love. I'm surprised time and time again by how much I care about the people around me. Like, it catches me off guard on a regular basis. I'm reading in 3rd Nephi right now and it's been so amazing. The Savior loved every single person that He came into contact with, no matter who they were or what they'd done in their lives. He gave every person love and made sure that they knew that He loved them.

As so I guess I just want to be able to love people like that. And I want the people I love to know that I love them. So, to all of you incredible people who have left little imprints on my heart for the rest of forever: I love you. I love you more than you'll ever really know and I promise I'll spend the rest of my forever making sure that you never forget it. I love you! 

I want the people that I love to always know that I love them.
So, I love you. :) All the way from Korea to wherever you are and back again.

I'm happy. 
Talk to you on Mother's day!! 


Sister CaLea Bagley

p.s. Sister Giles and I are conquering Gangnam as the youngest companionship in the entire mission!

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